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Welcome! We pride ourselves on curating one of the best Luxury Consignment collections in Canada, and we’re excited to have you be a part of that. 

We accept new or like new condition in season and on trend items, including but not limited to handbags, accessories, fashion jewellery, watches, scarves and shoes. Our Condition Guide is available here 

Your original receipt, dustbag and authentication materials are appreciated, whenever possible. 

How it works

Now that you’ve decided to consign with us, we welcome you to book an appointment here 

At your appointment, you can ensure that we will review your item, and authenticate it using our Entrupy system (see more on our authentication practices here -  Based on the condition, style, and demand for your product, we will provide you with the current market value. You can either choose to consign your goods with us, or do a direct sale to Serendipity Boutique. 

If you live outside of the Vancouver area, don’t worry, you can still consign with us! Our ‘Out of Town’ protocol allows non-locals to consign as easily as those who live in the Vancouver area. We work with Consignors around the world, and are happy to accommodate International clients. 

Please email with photos of each item, a short description of the item and its condition and what is included in the sale (receipts, dust bags and boxes are always a bonus!). 

The Becca’s Bags team will assess your goods and provide quotes for both your BuyOut (when applicable) and Consignment options. Our offers are based on the market rate, condition, style and our perceived demand for the items you wish to consign.

We hope you want to work together, and if you do, we will provide mailing or drop off details for you to send us your items. Please note, this is at your cost

Once we receive your items, we will list it. Upon completion of a sale, the previously agreed amount will be paid to you via e-transfer. We are also happy to pay your proceeds by cheque; if you prefer this option, please let us know! 

Consignment items will be marketed for 90 days. If your goods remain unsold at the end of the 90 day agreement, you may choose to renew your listing at a lower price, or have your item returned to you. Please contact our team in writing within 10 days at our email or via text. If you fail to contact us within this time frame, we reserve the right to re-list your items at our discretion.

For both consignment and direct sales, Becca’s Bags Boutique will bear the cost of all marketing materials and activities, but retains the right to market items at her discretion. 

Serendipity Boutique will receive 25% of the final sale price. The consignor will receive 75% of the sale price. Special items over $10,000 are eligible for a commission discount.

To help limit the spread of COVID-19, we ask that all appointments be held remotely until further notice., via our ‘Out of Town’ protocol. 

Please note: If you bring us a fake, you will be charged a $450 fine to have the bag returned to you. If you are unsure whether or not your items are authentic, please tell us in advance, and we will work with you to determine its authenticity, or whether it’s a forgery. 


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