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The Real Deal Series: Chanel

Last time, we talked about some tips on how to identify counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags, this time it’s all about Chanel. The company has been around for 107 years, ever since Gabrielle Chanel first decided to take jersey – back then, used solely for men’s underwear – to create stunning haute couture garments for women. Because of the reputation and history Chanel carries with it, along with the fact that their products never go on sale, it should come as no surprise that the fake bags industry is comprised roughly of 45% of solely Chanel branded items.

Leaving aside the points from our last article that can be applied to all brans – such as knowing your sources and your bag- we have compiled a few additional steps that will help you in trying to identify any potential fake Chanel handbags. Keep in mind, this guide is mainly for the classic Chanel styles like the GST or the classic Flap, for details on more trend specific bags there’s many more details to keep in mind that unfortunately wouldn’t fit in one single article.

Know your craftsmanship

Chanel workmanship is impeccable, to say the least; which means that details are correct and precise down to a T. The quilting on the bags is perfectly symmetrical and aligned, and the lines on the pockets should flow flawlessly into the bag itself. If the inner lining is made out of leather, then said lining should fit perfectly within the bag, which means no wrinkling anywhere on it. Hardware colour should always match the inner logo stamp’s colour: if the hardware is gold, then so should the logo. Last but not least, Chanel bags are made in either Italy or France, so the “made In” stamp should not state a city (like Paris), but a country.

Know your serial number stickers

Starting from the year 2000 or so, Chanel added an additional security feature to their bags: the serial number sticker. Located inside the bag and along the lining, the sticker is commonly white and is covered by a protective tape with a hologram like feature.

The transparent tape is created with an X-like slashing on it, which makes it harder to remove or alter without ruining the actual sticker underneath. The sticker in itself contains a 7 to 8 digit serial number (the same one printed on the bag’s authenticity card), with two gold colored Chanel logos placed directly above of the number. For added measure, there is a black line on the left side of the sticker, a vertical writing of the brand’s name and logo on the right side, and gold speckles randomly placed on top of the sticker.

Know your authenticity cards

Chanel handbags come with an authenticity card that includes a serial identification number. This number, as stated above, should be the same one found on the serial number sticker. Chanel cards have a gold toned border, whereas many fake cards have a rainbow colored border. Furthermore, Chanel authenticity cards are made to last and won’t be easily bent, as opposed to the counterfeit ones which are easily breakable.
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March 20, 2016 by Becca Sand
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