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A Bit About Becca

1- How did you come up with opening a luxury boutique consignment shop?
I’ve had the idea for around 10 years, ever since I was a teenager. Since the global economy crashed in 2010, and luxury resale pop-up shops started appearing in major US cities like San Francisco, LA, and Miami, I’ve thought it was the perfect time to step into it. People started consigning more and more during that time because the economy left everyone in need of money, and no one really willing to pay full price for a Chanel bag.

In my case in particular - and also because of how obsessed I’ve always been with luxury bags, namely LV - right around that same time, I was working office jobs and looking into ways to buy expensive bags for a bit less money. All that combined with the fact that there didn’t seem to be any consignment stores in Vancouver that catered to luxury handbags exclusively, led me to the decision of opening my own store.
I started Beccasbags with my personal collection from my own closet. I first filled 5 shelving units of product and then started asking friends to consign with me. I’ve even walked up to people at Whole Foods that I saw carrying Chanel bags and offered them money in exchange for them. I’ve given my business card to every single girl walking down the street carrying an expensive bag, and haven’t stop hustling since I opened the shop. I come from four generations of entrepreneurs so I’ve always know that I never wanted to work for someone else, opening my own store that would allow me to use all my luxury handbag knowledge seemed like a no-brainer.

2- When did you open? Any expansion plans?
The planning for the store began months before from the comfort of my own home, but I opened the doors officially on June 2015. Yes, I have big expansion plans for Beccasbags. I’m hoping to open a pop-up store back East at some point within this year; there’s a scarcity of luxury consignment stores that are solely focused on bags there which means that this is the perfect time to enter the market over there. In the long run, I want the store to become the biggest Canadian luxury consignment reseller and open a permanent store in Toronto or Montreal.

3- What makes you different from all the other boutiques
We are one of the only stores that actually have their merchandise available on location. All of our shopping experiences are one-on-one, and we work by appointment only ensuring the customer receives our undivided attention. We take the time and effort to set up and set down for a full hour before, and after every single appointment to ensure our customers have the best experience possible with us. We don’t keep our merchandise in store over night for security reasons, but when the customer is there, so are the bags!

4- I noticed there’s a lot of consignment stores on IG, how do I know I’m buying authentic pieces?
Buying from stores that work with PayPal is a great starting point. PayPal guarantees authenticity by refunding their customer in full if the item was advertised as authentic, and it does not end up being so. Researching at home is also a great idea, make sure you know how the details of the bag are supposed to look like.

It’s also important to always make sure you’re buying from a reputable store, look for positive testimonials and feedback on social media. Lastly, we have a series going on the Beccasbags blogs where we talk about how to identify counterfeit bags from major luxury brands, it really is worth a look. It’s

5- Lastly, what’s your favourite piece or designer?
I’m a Dior girl through and through, so obviously my favourite bag is the large Lady Dior in light baby pink in the exotic ostrich.

March 19, 2016 by Becca Sand
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Browsing said:

Wow I cannot believe you actually have a business in the way that you speak to people! We have seen your comments on TPF and you simply are RUdE, DISRESPECTFUL, and I cannot imagine why ANYONE would ever want to do business with such a person/company!!

TPF member

TPF member said:

Just horrible customer service! I would NEVER purchase anything from this seller!!!!


Surprised said:

This seller needs to be questioned in her interactions with others. I would not purchase anything here!


Mary said:

Actually this seller is rude, mean and cazy. I have experienced how crazy she was and would never ever do business with her anymore!


felmyst said:

I cannot comment on authenticity. I can comment on business practice. Emails were ignored. I purchased anyway and paid via PayPal. I hear nothing. I receive nothing. I had to go through PayPal to get a response and refund. If you are not currently selling or do not have the item, then refund the money, edit or even shut down the site. I was very disappointed. This was a gift for someone.

Becca Isacunt

Becca Isacunt said:

Becca and her bitch is a scamming cunt! See you soon! xoxo

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