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Vancouver Luxury Consignment 101


Finding a reputable consignment store in Vancouver is not an easy feat, especially given the options out there. That being said, it’s important to recognize that certain stores are more equipped than others to provide the proper full consignment experience to their customers.

Some particular stores from the greater Vancouver area for example, do not carry their full merchandise in store, which makes it difficult to be able to select and appreciate the expensive items you are trying to purchase. Most consignment stores only carry their clothing and shoes, as well as some accessories, but it’s rare to find that Chanel bag they’re promoting online in their actual physical store; and making a trip all the way down there just to have to come back when they decide to bring it in is not the ideal way to spend your afternoon.

Furthermore, reputable stores must be able to authenticate designer items fairly quick, and with no additional help other than their knowledge and eye for detail. It is wildly known that certain consignment stores are unable to authenticate without the help of purchase receipts, which are actually very easy to falsify or find templates for online. If you’re curious as to how this can be done, the following is a link to a webpage that, for as low as $25.00 will allow you to purchase fake designer receipts-

The webpage above is just one of the thousands that offer this “service” online, making it increasingly easier for companies to pass off replica handbags as authentic ones.

Here at beccasbags, on the other hand, we are able to authenticate practically any brand at the snap of your fingers and without any need for purchase receipts – although it you do have them, bring them with you, it’ll make our job that much faster!. And just for your piece of mind, if we don’t know how we always figure it out. We are also one of the only stores that, like we mentioned above, do actually carry their merchandise in store for when the customer comes in looking for their next score.

We take the time and effort to set up and set down for a full hour before, and after every single appointment to ensure our customers have the best experience possible with us. We don’t keep our merchandise in store over night for security reasons – LV bags are very tempting after all – but when you are there, so are the goods.

We also pride ourselves in providing a perfect one-on-one shopping experience so each interaction is special and personally tailored to the customer coming in. We are able to achieve this by being an appointment only store, and selecting the merchandise that we are displaying that day to reflect our customers tastes as well as possible. If beccasbags sounds like the kind of store you would feel comfortable leaving your bags with, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to answer within 24-48hs.

March 06, 2016 by Becca Sand
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Sheila Nguyen

Sheila Nguyen said:

Hi there! I am wondering if I bring a bag in if you can tel me if it’s real or not for a small fee thanks!

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