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The Holy Grail of Bag Charms: The Fendi Karlito

fendi charm

If you consider yourself to be into fashion, I’m going to bet you’ve heard about the craze surrounding the Fendi Karlito bag charm. So you’ll understand my excitement when last week we received a large pink version – which happens to be my favourite color! - in store.

For those of you who have basically been living under a rock, the Fendi Karlito is a mink fur pom-pom bag charm designed by the great Karl Largerfeld himself and fashioned after his own looks. You can literally have The Fendi Karlito hanging off your Dior or Alma BB, while you shop around Holt Renfrew for your next pair of Louboutin heels.

Made out of mink, goat, and fox fur - the bag accessory is so exclusive that it already has a waiting list of 600 people, and has made Fendi over a million dollars since its introduction to the fashion world during the February 2014 Milan fall fashion week.

It comes in three different colors (orange, pink, and blue), but the pink one is so exclusive and hard to come across that the fact that we got one in store is a miracle from Karl himself! I’m pretty sure they don’t even carry the pink one in Vancouver at all.

If you’ve been dying over it since you saw Cara Delevigne showcase it all over her Instagram, today might be you lucky day. I’m the official owner of the pink one that came into the store, it’s not on consignment because I purchased it directly from my client, but I’m willing to part ways with it for the right price. Send me an email at and let’s talk money!


fendi_0493 from Becca Sands on Vimeo.


February 28, 2016 by Becca Sand
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