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Dior Classic Vs New



Great  things have happened at Dior ever since Raf Simons took over as the brand’s creative director in April 2012, the birth of the Dior Diorama bag is one of them. Officially launched in stores in March 2015 as part of the Spring 2015 collection, the Diorama currently comes in at least 24 different options. As one of the It Bags of 2015, the Diorama fills the same niche with its customers as the Boy Bag did for Chanel customers. Designed for the young and trendy fashionista, it was created for those who consider the classics - like the Chanel Flap bag or the Lady Dior - to not be urban enough for their tastes.

The bag is a compact flap shoulder bag with an adjustable strap, which allows for several different types of wear. The Diorama comes in a slew of options, from exotic leathers such as python and crocodile, to soft velvet and smooth common leather. On the other end of the spectrum, we also have the always classic and undeniably iconic Lady Dior bag. Described as “worthy of a true lady” by the House of Dior themselves, this world famous design is consistently ranked as one of the bags every woman should have in their closet.

The Lady Dior bag has several points to its favour, one of the most important ones however, is its ability to hold its structure perfectly and despite the beating its owner may subject it to. Owners of luxury handbags know that this is a very important factor when purchasing a new piece, since it means that when the time comes to resell it its price will remain or even go up.

Its most distinctive feature is the quilting the leather versions are created with. Inspired by the cane chairs in Christian Dior’s atelier, the quilting can be applied to almost any version the bag comes in. From lambskin and calfskin to patent leather, crocodile, python, and ostrich, it is hard to come up with a version of the Lady Dior that even the pickiest fashionista will not be satisfied with.

Whether you’re a Diorama girl or more of a Lady Dior woman, we have you covered at We currently have a gorgeous python blue Diorama bag, as well as a large black Lady Dior, a medium white Lady Dior, and a mini red vintage Lady Dior. For any information, contact us at

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February 28, 2016 by Becca Sand
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