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Chanel as an investment piece

In our last article, we discussed how Louis Vuitton bags hold – and even increase – their monetary value as time goes by. But LV is not the only option when thinking of investing in luxury handbags, Chanel is known for holding its value just as well as Louis Vuitton does.

Always taking into account that when we talk about “investment pieces” we mean classic, well-known designs from established luxury brands, owning a Chanel Flap bag for example is almost a no brainer for the average fashionista.

To help you visualize what your return on investment would look like, we created a few handy charts with all the necessary info you’ll need to make a decision on which piece works best for you.

The secret of the fashion investment piece is looking for items that have been around forever, but are still hard to come across in store. For example, if you walk into a Chanel store today and try to buy a Jumbo Flap bag off the shelf, you’re bound to get some stares from the sales associates. This forces retail prices to spike, which means that if you happened to be able to get your hands on one it’s worth much more than what you paid for it originally.

Another very important point to remember when buying for investment is to keep everything. Resale value can go down when you don’t have add-ons that can attest to the bag’s authenticity. Someone buying a resale Chanel GST with the original dust bag, box, and authenticity card are more than likely to be willing to pay more for it if it makes them feel like they are purchasing a brand new one with all the works.

If after reading you’re ready to purchase (or sell) your Chanel investment piece, scroll down and take a look and the current styles we have right here on!











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February 27, 2016 by Becca Sand
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