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Louis Vuitton as an Investment Piece

Top fashion houses produce only a limited number of bags each year to ensure exclusivity and quality control is strictly met. This means that demand far outstrips supply, so prices rise and those bags kept in mint condition can be re-sold for more than what they were purchased for originally. Rare and classic style handbags are an important status symbol – a statement of style and sophistication, they are iconic and timeless.

LV rising

Founded in France in 1854, the Louis Vuitton name has had 161 years to perfect their craft. Always a synonym of luxury and excellence, it should come as no surprise that the company has been voted as the world’s most valuable luxury goods brand by Forbs - for 7 years in a row. Apart from carrying with it a very high level of prestige, this title also means that purchasing a classic style Louis Vuitton bag is a clear monetary investment.

lv rising

Some of the classic styles tend to have even more of a return in investment than others, the Alma BB specifically, is one of the highest sought after and expensive LV bags. Currently retailing for anywhere between USD $1,480.00 to USD $25,200.00 (depending on the material), owning an LV Alma BB can have roughly the same value as investing in the stock market!

Just in 2015 alone, I purchased 5 different Alma BB bags which are currently available for double that price. Going further back, the first Alma BB I ever bought in 2012 was purchased for less than USD $2,000.00 including the 12% tax – today that bag has an added value of at least USD $400.00 or more!

Other classic LV styles worth investing in are the Neverfull GM - currently retailing at USD $1,640.00 as opposed to the $700 (with tax) it was worth when I originally purchased it in 2010, the Speedy 40 Monogram/Damier Ebene which currently costs USD $1,300.00 in stores and not the USD $800 (with tax) it did when purchased in 2009, and the Keepall Bandouliere 55 that sells for estimate of USD $2,140.00 in LV stores today.

Many of these beautiful Louis Vuitton bags are currently available on the Serendipity consignment online store! For any comments, questions, or to book an appointment please contact

PS If you were still wondering how much more of an investment owning an LV could be, as of January 2016 prices have risen by at least USD $200. Alma’s in particular since early 2015 to date has increased by $400 USD, talk about a good deal!









February 23, 2016 by Becca Sand
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