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Retail Event of the Year.

By this point, waiting hours in line to be among the first to snag a piece of an H&M designer collab is a rite of passage any aspiring fashionista should go through at least once in a lifetime. The people you meet in line, the conversations you have, the sometimes horrible weather you endure side by side with your fellow fashion enthusiasts, and of course the bragging rights that come with coming out alive and with just a few battle marks are only a few of the things that make H&M collaborations the retail event of the year.

H&M event

Me with Vancouver stylist Jason Pillay

That’s why, on November 4th, I packed my most comfy – and stylish - pair of lounge pants and headed to the H&M in downtown Vancouver to wait for the 8:00AM opening time that would allow me access to the design creativeness that Olivier Rousteing is known for. From 2:30PM until 8:00AM the next morning I patiently waited for the doors to fashion heaven to open, and my efforts paid off. I was among the first group of shoppers to ever see the French designer’s take on fashion for the masses, and I also made sure to bring plenty of options for the Serendipity customer to take home themselves. 

H&M event       

 Even the bags are clear Balmain – gold, black, and oozing luxury  

The shopping experience itself was pure madness - to say the least. As soon as the doors opened a stampede burst through the entrance and people began throwing themselves toward the closest clothing rack. All hell broke loose as customers fought one another to get their hands on at least one piece of the coveted collection, all while H&M employees looked by with clear fear in their eyes. It was even worse online, where the website crashed shortly after its launch and by the time it came back on an hour later it was basically completely sold out.

But, not one to back down from a challenge - I did have 17 hours of waiting in line to mentally prepare I brought back more than $5000 worth of merchandise. It was so much that H&M security had to safely escort me out of the store, there’s even picture proof of it!

H&M Escort

Me and all my goodies being escorted out

Although most of the 20 pieces bought flew off the Serendipity shelves, there are still some limited quantities left. All of the garments come with the original Balmain for H&M velvet hangers as well as the original tags.
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November 18, 2015 by Becca Sand
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