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5 Discontinued Luxury Pieces we Love


Classics are called that for a reason, they’re universally loved, come out every season, and are probably going to be around forever. But what about those items we adore, and we thought would be there until the end, and end up being discontinued for good? Today on Becca’s Bags we have chosen what we think are the top 5 things that should have never left the shelfs of our favourite designer stores. And who know, if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see a piece or two come into the store soon!

YSL Arty Oval Ring
Every blogger and their mother were seen sporting this statement piece a few seasons ago. Created during Stafano Pilati’s reign of YSL, you can still find copies of this all over Ebay and Amazon; apart from that it’s sold out new everywhere else. It was the perfect mix between rock star and fashion star and we were deeply saddened to see it go. Lucky for our customers tho, we’ve been knows to carry one or two at an excellent price. We are currently selling a in mint condition gorgeous gold on gold one with its original dust bag and box for a great price. Even if that one is gone before you get to it, keep your eyes peeled, you never know.

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote
This one is not confirmed, but there have been several rumors going around about a possible production cancellation of the all-time favourite GST. Several New York boutiques were reporting low stocks, and many sales representatives had been quoted as telling customer that the bag would not be around for much longer. Granted, it could very well be a sales tactic aim at gaining more commission, but who knows? If you ask us, start stocking up now ladies.

Chanel East West Flap
Another Chanel on our list, and this time it’s the cult classic East West Flap. Fondly referred to as the Classic Flap’s little sister, it was the go to bag for all of those fashionistas that could not afford the full blown thing, but still wanted a taste of Chanel. It is said that the brand made the decision to help draw sales to the Classic Flap, which with its increased price point would bring the company a higher profit. There was also talk about it being because it was so similar to the Classic Flap in medium; regardless it’s long gone off the Chanel boutique shelfs and will not be coming back any time soon. Did you feel left out because you always wanted one? No worries, here at Becca’s Bags we always get them in. We’ve had two already but you snooze, you lose!

Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag
Maybe we should call this the “All the things Chanel should probably bring back” list, because this next one is also by the French house. Granted, you can still find them being resold online, but we’re still crying over it. Around since 1955, its production stopped in 1991, and nothing was ever the same. Ok, maybe we’re being a bit dramatic here, but can you blame us? It was a Chanel classic.

Louis Vuitton Graffiti Collection
Discontinuing the collection that brought LV back to the present time, and out of its potentially boring classic funk does not seem like the best idea. That being said, it did nothing but skyrocket the price of the pieces you could still find being sold around the internet. It was 2001, and Marc Jacobs was head honcho over at the LV headquarters, when he decided to bring the season in with a bang. He enlisted the help of deceased American fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse. Jacobs took all the best parts of the late artistic and created a breathtaking tribute by stamping the designer’s artwork all over classic LV pieces. No one could ever fault Jacobs of not being adventurous after that!


May 15, 2016 by Becca Sand
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