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10 Cool Facts about Your Favourite Fashion Designers

 10 cool things

You know all about how Karl Lagerfeld rose to fame, and that Coco Chanel was always a wildly independent woman. But, how about the fact that Yves Saint Laurent wasn’t actually born in France, or that Alexander McQueen’s favourite movie was Salo by Passolini? We have compiled the coolest 10 facts about the world’s most loved fashion designers, and what makes them…well, them.

  1. During the Fendi black and white 1993 runway show, Karl Lagerfeld sent out strippers and adult film stars modeling his designs onto the runway. It’s said that Anna Wintour got up and left because of Karl's scandalous choice of models.
  2. Coco Chanel accidentally made sun tans a fashionable thing. During a time when smooth and creamy pale skin was the trend to follow, Chanel came back to Cannes in France sporting a sun burn she’d gotten by accident during a cruise vacation and voila, sun tans were back in vogue.
  3. Christian Dior was actually very superstitious. He made sure to always include a piece in every collection that carried the same name as his home town of Grandville and in every one of his shows, at least one model had to carry a handful of white lilies.
  4. Yves Saint Laurent was not actually born in France, but in French occupied Algeria. He didn’t move to France until way past his younger years.
  5. Yves Saint Laurent posed naked for an advertisement for his own cologne for men, Pour Homme, in 1971. It’s said the picture wasn’t geared particularly at gay men, but had a strong resonance within the community nevertheless. YSL, shocking the fashion world since the beginning.
  6. Before taking over the family business as designer for Prada, Miuccia Prada put her brains to work by earning a PhD in Political science. She even spent a few of her working years performing as a mime!
  7. Always the revolutionary, Alexander McQueen once sewed the phrase “I am a cunt” into the lining of a bespoke suit for Prince Charles of England.
  8. Alexander McQueen was also one of the first designers to showcase inclusivity on his runways. In 1998 he asked double amputee and former Paralympian, Aimee Mullins, to model his collection by walking the runway sporting hand-carved wooden prosthetic legs.
  9.  Manolo Blahnik lived in Geneva before moving to London and starting his shoe business. He studied law, literature and art history, and is a very well educated man.
  10.  Marc Jacobs joined the ranks of Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier when he was named Diet Coke’s creative director in 2014.
April 21, 2016 by Becca Sand
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Michelle said:

Loved this!! I actually had no idea about the McQueen embroidery thing, he was always a cool one tho ;)

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