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Christian Louboutin


Louboutin_Apr2016 from Becca Sands on Vimeo.

For anyone who has ever opened a fashion magazine, red soles and the name Christian Louboutin are not a strange sight to behold. But what do you really know about the French designer, other than owning a pair of his stilettos can make you feel like the most glamorous woman in the room? 

Born in Paris during the swinging sixties, by the time he was 12 he had already been expelled from three different schools. Always the rebel, Christian heard his calling as a shoe maker during a trip to the Paris Museum of African and Oceanic Art;where a sign warning women off wearing stilettos that could damage the floors pushed him head first into the wonderful world of high end shoes. After that it was a steady flow of apprenticing under some of the greatest names and brands in fashion (such as Chanel, Charles JourdanYves Saint Laurent, and Roger Vivier who claimed to have invented the stiletto) until in 1991 he was finally ready to open his first official storein Paris.

His life, as well as his inspiration sources, are both nothing short of interesting. The wildly recognized red sole on his shoes was actually inspired by his assistant, who he once spotted painting her nails a deep shade of red, which popped out at him as a statement colour and thus he decided that red soles was exactly what his shoes were missing. Even better is the story of how Christian Louboutin actually came to be; in 2014 and after a lifetime of believing he was adopted (his skin tone is severely different to those of his sisters), he found out he was the product of a torrid love affair his mother had with an Egyptian man. This proved to be exactly what he always wanted, since he had been obsessed with Egypt and pharos since his childhood – he even lived there for a short period of time when he was younger. 

As pretty as Christian Louboutin shoes are, they do tend to see typical wear and tear throughout their lifespan. Although cleaning and maintenance of the shoe itself is the same as with any other high end shoe, it’s the red soles that people mostly worry about. That being said, many cobblers tend to agree that some scuffs on soles help with traction and to prevent slipping, but you can also add rubber sole protectors to the bottom of your shoes to keep your peace of mind – they even come in red and can be found at most shoe repair stores.  

Now that you know a bit more about the king of shoes himself, maybe you’re ready to own a pair of them yourself. Lucky for you, at Beccasbags we have a large assortment of styles and sizes that are currently available on our website for you to enjoy. If you have any questions, let us know at hello@beccasbags.caand we’ll be happy to help!


April 17, 2016 by Becca Sand
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