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If you have been a customer of Beccasbags for a while, you know that we don’t only work with luxury designer handbags. We also carry a wide variety of other designer items which means that, basically, we have you covered from head to toe. We consign and sell many brands of luxury jewellery, shoes, belts, sunglasses, some clothing, and high end timepieces.

Watches specifically, for example, are an item that flies off the shelves as soon as it comes in. Whether you’re a Rolex, Breitling, or Chopard fanatic, you know that luxury designer watches are a long term investment piece that can – if done properly – bring in revenue for those who decide to sell theirs. In the high end luxury watch market, it’s very rare for prices to go down since most designs are classic styles and not trend based. Added to that is the fact that generally, the materials used to fabricate them such as diamonds, gold, silver, and exotic stones, have always been very sought after resources. 

To get the most return on investment for your item, always remember to keep the box and papers your watch came with. This, as we always say, will ensure the resale value for your item remains high. The condition your watch is in, and this point is especially important for timepieces where if the internal mechanism is damaged your item could be unsellable, should be in mint condition. Regularly servicing your watch is a great way to ensure its condition.

Here at Beccasbags we have over 5 years’ experience in the watch resell business and our very own team has over 400 timepieces sold under their belt. Needless to say that, with that track record, we are probably one of the best places to consign your designer watch. For the right item, we buy out right instead of consigning, which means that you receive payment the moment you decide to part ways with your timepiece. 

April 15, 2016 by Becca Sand
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