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Goyard blog

This French leather luxury goods company was founded in 1853 in Paris, and is the longest standing French brand still in business. You would think Louis Vuitton would hold that title, given how much the brand plays on their heritage and history, but believe it or not LV was actually born a year after Goyard was. Even before the official birth of the brand, they had already been doing business under the name House of Martin for over 50 years.

Just like Louis Vuitton, Goyard prides themselves on their history, craftsmanship, and consistency. Their flagship store has been located in the same spot on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris since 1834, and the company has been privately owned – always under a Goyard family member until 1998 came, and a fervent company fan who still owns it today, purchased it from them - since its birth.

Unlike brands owned by big fashion conglomerates, Goyard has no need to compulsively push sales which is why they do not operate an ecommerce site, or advertise their products much. To further the brands exclusive nature, they only offer four product lines consisting of travel goods, handbags and small leather goods, pet accessories, and special orders. Furthermore, the brand's signature logo is actually a hand painted pattern etched onto the finest canvas available. All these details make Goyard a true European luxury brand; with only 16 locations worldwide and a one of a kind signature pattern, Goyard is synonym with exclusivity and mystery and only those who call themselves true fashionistas would be able to recognize the brand's greatness.

If you believe you are one of those fashionistas, and are ready to own your first Goyard, we have gone a step further and found a few tips that will help when figuring out if the bag you are purchasing is a counterfeit or the real deal.

Just like with most designer handbags, Goyard items have a serial number ingrained on them. It's usually located on the leather strap that connects the bags to their adjoining pouches, and on older styles (specifically of the St Louis tote bag) it is located directly inside the pouch. Be sure to check that the font is small and not stamped very hard onto the material, if it looks too big or exceedingly clear it might be a counterfeit. Another great way to check for fakes is to look at the Goyardine (the official name of the brands signature pattern) design. Because it is painted by hand small human errors should be expected, if there are none then it might be a digital reproduction. Keep an eye out for an overall gloss on the canvas, since you should actually only be able to see the gloss on the canvas itself with the pattern's matte finish popping up from the base beneath it. Be sure to familiarize yourself with how painted canvas feels, bumps and not smoothness are key on Goyard bags.

The next few steps would be to check the lining and the interior logo. Goyard lining is a deep mustard colour and is made out of cotton twill, this same mustard happens to be the colour of the dust bags the items come in (neither the dust bags nor the boxes Goyard sells their items in have any kind of logo on them). The inner logo has the name of the brand on top of the word "Paris" - except the "made in" part, the rest is all in caps - and underneath that the location the bag was made in, which in this case will always be France. If Goyard sounds like the kind of exclusive brand you would love to have a piece of, we recently received a bag right here at Beccas Bags that is just waiting for its next owner. You can reach us at, Instagram, or Twitter for any questions or inquires


April 09, 2016 by Becca Sand
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